Sunday, November 28, 2010

Run - Run - Run as fast as you can...

Curtis started running a year or so ago... right after I had to stop. The pain in my feet became so severe I couldn't do it. In fact, some days I can hardly walk... different story...

He started off running at church on Wednesdays when the kids were doing choir and there was nothing else for him to do. Since I tend to work a lot of Wednesdays he was always taking the kids and having the opportunity to run. He got better... and went further... and faster. Now he's able to run the whole 5K distance. And now... he has a little runner to go with him. Maggie has always been a natural runner. She has a great stride and ability to outrun us all. The last 5K I ran with her and Bennett... she outran both of us quite handily. And that was almost 2 years ago. So, Curtis will take her on a run around town, around the country... and she runs. She runs faster than him and he has to slow her down so she'll go the distance. But she still finishes... and never complains.

They have completed 2 official 5K runs together. The first was here in Cleveland... to support our teachers. She came in 1st for her age group and was super pleased with the recognition!! Our friend, Amelia also ran and placed 3rd. Way to go girls! (Her time... 31:06)

The second run was the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day 5K... the first T-day 5k along with the annual half marathon for the city of Atlanta. There was a big (10) group of Concord friends who went down to ATL for the long run so Curtis and Maggie went along and did the 5k. They took our friend Lenee along since they used her for lodging the night before! Plus, she's a great cheer leader and photographer and updater for the family and traffic director and... and... and...

The crowd was large. The weather was cold and misty. The age group was wide (14 and under)... so Maggie was sad not to "win" anything. However, after all the times were posted online (this was an official Atlanta Track Club race!) there was only 1 8 year old, 1 9 year old and 1 10 year old ahead of her time of 32:09. She was 33 in a group of 75 girls 14 & under. 268 out of 862 women of all ages. I love numbers... and I love hers!

Curtis came in at 32:10. :) He's a good Daddy.

So, for now... they're running partners.

She's looking for a faster one.

He's searching for more races.

Age: 8 Gender: F
Clock Time
Chip Time
Overall Place
568 / 1397
Gender Place
268 / 862
Division Place
33 / 75

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Sweet Inlow's said...

That is so sweet that they run together...what great memories she (and Curt too) will treasure forever.

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