Friday, May 21, 2010

More Pictures... Fun Times...

Courtesy of photographer Lydia!
The only 3 3rd graders to make it to the Million Word Club... those who read at least a MILLION words during the year. All 3 were from Mrs. Carney... she was proud! :)

Bennett receives his Super Citizen award from Mrs. Carney.

Ruth's kindergarten class.... Mrs. June on the left and Mrs. Smith on the right.

Back row: Malachi, Ruth,
3rd Row: Skylar, , Lexi, Katherine,
2nd Row: Kaitlyn, Gloria, , Caleb,
1st Row: David, Jenna
I'll have to add the rest of the names when Ruth is here to help!
Mrs. Hill gives Maggie her "Book Worm" award for always having her nose in a book. :)
The Sunday night rainbow after AWANA awards night.
Bennett with his 3rd and 4th grade TNT boys...
Maggie and her 2nd grade Sparks girls... Mr. Mark, Maggie, Abigail, Anna, Mrs. Laurie, Madison, Ella Randall, Jacey, Mr. Chris.
Ruth and her fellow Sparkies... Grace, Kinsley, Abbey, Sarah, and Ruth.
Lydia and her fellow Cubbies.... and a few Puggles mixed in. This is AJ just in front of her... um, they sort of like each other a lot these days. Not sure what 15 more years will bring. But we sort of like his family too.
Maggie is receiving her choir award for memorizing hymns and verses this year. She got a hymnal with her name engraved on it.
Ruth, receiving her hymnal and award for the choir verses and hymns too.
Bennett and Micah watching the laser show at Stone Mountain. They were mesmerized.
The crazy climber kids from our Stone Mountain Sky Hike trip... Carsen, Alex Anne, Meg, Maggie, Abigail, Micah, Bennett.

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