Saturday, November 21, 2009

New name to protect the little peeps...hope it decreases my worldwide following

So, the boys are off this weekend for a 4-wheeling, off-roading type weekend. The drove somewhere over near Chattanooga with a couple other fellows and spent a couple days just driving Jeeps and being MEN.
These photos are courtesy of James' phone.
Jeep on haul because to be trail worthy means you just can't drive it on the road. And if you did you certainly would have back issues later that day.
Here's the Jeep at work. Dirty is good.

The "little" boys - Bennett and Shannon. They were fortunate to get to go and are thrilled to be included. It's a cold weekend but they always manage. They never are lacking for food or snacks or man fun. Here they are enjoying freshly scrambled eggs for breakfast and I'd guess juice - although Shannon probably had coffee if it was available.
So while the boys were roughing it we girls decided to do a few fun things for the day on Saturday. After a "sleepover" in Mommy's bed Friday night we started a little droopy... and least Lydia and Mommy did. I think Ruth and Maggie slept just fine!
Saturday we got up and headed to the brand new Babyland General Hospital... home of the famous Cabbage Patch babies. They had property issues with the old hospital where they've been housed forever and ever and ended up moving north of the town square by a couple miles. It definitely off the beaten path but the place is much more beautiful, and big, and clean, and new, and shiny.

The inside is the same as the old place... only bigger. They have the same "birthing" tree right in the middle where we were able to see the birth of Terry Montana. Nurse Davis (in white) assisted Momma Cabbage with her delivery. :) I think I have their little spill memorized but the kids always enjoy watching more births and still long for the day when they get to pick the baby's name. Not today. Today, had they been picked, it would have been Bennett. They missed their brother in most of their activities today.
When we finished looking at all the babies and accessories and Santa (Mr. Jerry from our school) and friends - we mosied over to the local Huddle House, a place Curtis refuses to eat. We filled our bellies with a quality (?) breakfast feast. It was fun, just the 4 of us.
While we were eating we decided to continue the fun and head over to our Yonah Bowl and Skate. We just couldn't decide whether to bowl or skate. I tried to explain to the big girls that skating was probably something we should do when Bennett was home (because he loves to skate) and when Lydia had something else to do, since she doesn't skate. Poor little girl. :) So we opted for bowling.
The girls are good for about 5 frames and then it becomes very tiring. Lydia was hilarious the first few times and so stinkin cute. Then she needed to take off her bowling shoes because they made her feet feel weird. I told her she couldn't bowl without them after she tried to bowl a frame with no shoes on. I just knew she was going to bounce the 6 pound ball off her big toe and end up breaking it. She quit after frame 6 and just entertained the rest of us.
Maggie was frustrated because she couldn't figure out exactly how to roll the ball. She still can't decide if she wants to bowl right handed or left handed.. and it's hard for me to help her do it left handed. I wanted her to just do the "granny" roll (between her legs) to avoid the horrible loft thump each time she went. But she continued to try to figure it out. She even found a little heavier ball thinking it might make a difference.
Ruth got the hang of holding the ball correctly (I'm making the I love you sign!) but kept throwing it more sideways than straight. She didn't show her frustration very often. She was very pleased to knock something down... anything. And the little grin of satisfaction as she turned around to face me... priceless.
And ALL this before NOON. :)
We also went to Ingles and Rite Aid before heading home.
The big girls decided to wash the van and the car and Lydia went to play in the bedroom on her mat.
This is how I found her a little while later. She's NOT tired! :)
Ruth was actually diagnosed with strep and is on antibiotics... and Lydia was also complaining so we're treating her as well. She's NOT sick and does not need medicine! But then she can't swallow and cries at night in her sleep. Good thing I'm making her take it anyway. She slept a LONG time today... for not being sick and all. ha!
The boys will return after church on Sunday afternoon when I'm sure we'll hear lots of stories and hopefully see a few more pictures. We have to return the borrowed Rock Band we've enjoyed all week. The girls are getting very good at singing quality Beatles classic tunes. Here Comes the Sun (Ruthie) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Maggie) and While My Guitar Gently Weeps (ME). :) We may have to invest for Christmas... but it keeps the laundry in baskets and dishes in the sink. But it's fun quality family time!!! Right?!?! :) Sunday night we have a family commissioning of a family who are leaving for at least 3 years (last I heard). They are going to South Asia and Thomas is our friend - Lydia's age. We love him and will miss them. You too can pray for this family.


Bella Michelle said...

Girls weekend looks like it rocked! Boys weekend looked like it smelled! LOL

Corie said...

If I hadn't had to lead a trail ride for a group on Saturday we would have joined you guys for some Babyland and bowling fun. Mine keep begging to go bowling again.

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