Monday, July 13, 2009

Boys Go To Camp

We had the extreme privilege to send the boys to Strong Rock for a 2-week session. It's the last session of the summer and they had some empty spots... so Friday when we went to pick Bennett up from his first session they made an announcement about the spots. We tried to talk Seth & Leslie into sending Micah. I didn't think it was going to work... but in the end they decided it was ok. Leslie had a hard time having him gone for 2 weeks but the reports we were getting from camp was that Micah was non-stop running... sheer joy!
We also talked Lara into sending Jared as they were driving down from Pennsylvania for this same time frame. It worked out perfectly. The opportunity would never come again.

Then we managed to figure out a way to get Rob & Stacy's Adam to camp as well. 4 cousins. All in the same cabin. All at the same lunch table. All having the time of their lives. Jared and Adam are on the opposing tribe from Bennett and Micah. It worked out! We'll certainly have some tribal cheers and songs to hear once they return home. A little competition is a healthy thing.
Here are the boys one lunchtime... after having read some mail from family back home.
Jared (9) Micah (8) Bennett (8) Adam (9)... all within 18 months of each other.
It's been a long 2 weeks (3 for Bennett) and the mother's are counting down the days until they return. I'm sure the boys are all counting down the days too... but for different reasons.
I'm going to camp on Tuesday and will work as the camp nurse for the rest of the week. It will be fun to see how they're doing instead of just hearing stories. I hope there are no major health issues. These are big kids! :)

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