Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Random Photos...

Recently blogspot has been given me issues with uploading my pictures, but I'm going to attempt to put some more on here tonight. This is the group of girls who stayed at our house during Disciple Now weekend the first of March. They were actually all from a church that isn't "ours" but one of the kids came to Concord in the past and came back with a slew of her friends. It was really cool to have them with us. The two leaders were from Concord and enjoyed spending time with them too. I was exhausted by the time it was over!

A self portrait of Ruth and me. She requested to take a bunch of pictures and then would squint in the flash. You should see the other 20 we took! :)

This is my group of 1st graders... or at least a portion of them. Can you tell what we were studying that day? The girl in front with the visual aid... is a mini-Zaccheaus. :)
These shots were from our February 24th 5K for Challenged Child... a special needs day care and early intervention center in Gainesville. I was privileged to be a part of the advertisement campaign because my friend Erin was in charge of organizing the run. Her little Emily went to Challenged Child. Anyway, Bennett decided about 30 minutes before I walked out the door that he wanted to run with me. He did a great job and we were only about 4 minutes off pace. It took a little encouragement over the last mile but it was a special day for us to share together. I'm saving his number and this picture forever! :) Next year Maggie will run and outrace all of us!

This is all for now. It's time for bed!
PS... Lydia went to bed diaper-free tonight. Good thing I'm going to work in the morning! :)

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