Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Lydia is officially potty trained. She is the last of the Davidsons and the last of all the cousins. There are no more babies running around. As sad as it seems to be baby-free it's also a big step into the next stage. It will take some getting used to, but we have children now. School activities and soccer games. Field trips and McDonalds Nights. Audtions and musicals. Our lives have gone from diapers and wipes to uniforms and tights. Ok, it doesn't make as much sense as much as it just rhymes.
Maggie tried out "auditioned" for a part in the Children's Musical at church... which will be the evening of May 4th, so mark your calendars. She had to memorize a few lines of a random play and sing the chorus of one of their main songs. She did great and actually learned ALL the lines, not just the 3 she had to do. Then she would practice with herself pretending to be all the different characters. I really think she's an actress, drama queen, performer... but we'll see how she does when in front of people. The lack of her two front teeth and a little bit of laziness makes understanding certain words a bit difficult. Then throw in some excitement and speed and you miss a large portion of her thought process. We learn tomorrow if she'll have a speaking part or get to sing a solo. I'm hoping for the solo since those who speak have several extra practices! Plus, she is almost on key each time.

Bennett is playing soccer again this spring season. He's had one game so far and they were pretty much skunked, but we won't tell them that! His team is out there for fun and hope to make a goal. The other team was out there for goals and hope to have some fun. Curtis says Bennett just likes to dance around the field, but he's awfully cute doing that! They'll get better are they get to know each other. I'll have to put some pictures or video here when I find the camera.
Ruth still surprises me with her knowledge and logic. I should be used to their sudden brain growth but it still takes me by surprise sometimes. Last night when I got home from work and was rushing them all off to bed she complained about being scared. As I talked with her she told me she's scared of the mean lady off Enchanted, a movie she has seen and saw an ad or something while walking through Wal-Mart earlier in the evening. I tried to convince her that the green goblin is pretend, in Wal-Mart, not in her room. She answered all my questions correctly with Jesus is with me, He protects me, He'll keep me safe... "but I'm still scared". Yes, it's a ploy to have me snuggle her in bed or what she REALLY wants is to sleep in the middle of Curtis and me. Anyway, I responded with "you're not really scared, you're just being silly" and she says to me in her 4 year old logic... "You don't know because you're not in my head!". That's EXACTLY what I want to say when people tell me I'm not... sad, hurt, lonely, scared, depressed, nervous... whatever the feeling. It's in MY head and you don't know how I feel. :) So I told her to put good things in her head instead... rainbows, flowers, Jesus, God, Mommy. Those are the things she says she saw when she closed her eyes. Then at 0630 this morning she stands next to my bed and says "I asked Jesus to show me the happy things but He didn't and I'm scared again". She crawled between us for the next 30 minutes while we waited for the alarm to go off.
Oh, and one more "guess what MY kid can do" moment...
While we sit in church on Sundays I am constantly trying to make Bennett pay attention and copy notes instead of drawing pictures and pouting. (He is NOT a morning person). Lately, he's been doing much better about following along and putting the right words in the blanks of the bulletin. Maggie has also started showing an interest in filling in the blanks since she has starting reading a little. One week Curtis' folks were sitting with us and Ruth was next to one of them. I looked over to make sure she was behaving and she had copied the notes into her notebook as well. I'm not sure if Bennett wasn't helping her find the right words but she had written everything from the screen. Grammy and Papa were impressed too. ;)

I was interrupted by a big EMC truck today. A couple of fellows are cleaning trees from the roadside and wanted to dump the wood chips. They had heard this house might want them. Then he starts talking about Jeeps and going to Tellico and riding 4-wheelers. Wonder if he really does know Curtis after all!
And I got a new car to drive to work. We're selling the red suburban! Yippee!

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