Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ruth's first haircut

Ruth Before...

Today was Ruth's first trip to the "salon". I have pictures! :) Maggie and Mom also got trimmed and Bennett went to see Rocky for his shave. They all sat and did very well. It took Ms. Shirley 2 hours to cut the three girls because she kept getting interrupted by a bleach job and a business card salesman. Here are the before and after shots of the girls.

I intended on getting this posted last night but somehow I fell asleep and never did hit post. So, the "today" really was yesterday.
Maggie's hair can be curled on the ends to make her feel very special... and Ms Shirley did.

Maggie before.......

Ms Shirley did a good job explaining what she was planning on doing with her hair. Maggie doesn't want it short like Ruth's! "just trim it"...

Getting all curled up!
Her face looks much rounder to me with it styled this way. Today we had to paint nails as well. Oh the joys of girlie girls!

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