Thursday, February 23, 2006

Home Depot Girls

Ruth is ready to be Daddy's little helper. She went with him to the new Home Depot's grand opening the other night and earned a new apron. She was very cute running around the house.
The big kids were at church and when they arrived back home Maggie was insistant on wearing an apron too. Good thing they gave Lydia one too! So the girls wore matching aprons... Ruth wore Lydia's, Maggie wore Ruth's. It made sense to them.

Then I had them all pose for me. Bennett was trying to be funny and kept making faces. I guess there's always going to be one clown in the group.

Lydia is up to new and exciting things these days. She is starting to crawl. She is the first girl child to achieve this feat. While the other two scooted on their bottoms she would rather roll around on the floor. She also just started waving. Just the wrist and hand, the left one. It's very cute because she watches herself do it and smiles real big. She's about to get a few teeth too.

Well, my blog time is up and I must head to bed. Work starts early tomorrow...

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