Friday, August 10, 2012

School Begins... again.

2012 - 2013 School year begins... 

I like them lined up against this part of the house because you can seen their growth differences.  It won't be long before the youngest has caught up with the other two. 

 The silly shot... 

 Ruth starts 3rd grade. She is now at the Intermediate School (3-5 this year) and has Mrs. Carney. That's the same teacher the other two had.  She should do well. She's back in the same class as many of her friends and we look forward to a good year.  She's excited!  She is in chorus with Maggie and we will enjoy going to more concerts and trips for that. Just no Disney this year.

 Lydia's 2nd grade year is with Mrs. Hill - the same as the other girls. We love Mrs. Hill! She will be a great challenge for Lydia, who needs to work really hard to catch up to 2nd grade standards. Lydia also has several really good friends in her classroom and will have a good year! With Lydia in 2nd grade... it brings our years at Jack P Nix to an end. This is the last year we'll have at this wonderful school with the best staff ever. It really is the best place for a hesitant parent to send their kids because they let you get involved and be there. I will miss JPN.  
Bennett starts Middle School... he is growing up into a young man. So, at the Middle school they kind of kick parents out and start the weaning process. I don't know any of his teachers. All the parent meetings were with "the Father!". He is taking core classes, band, and PE. In band, he will be learning percussion. I'm looking forward to that. Drums and bells in the house again.

Maggie is finishing up at the Intermediate school this year with Mrs. Orr and Mrs. Pickett (the same that Bennett had).  Maggie has developed into a very smart and involved young girl. She's making all A's most of the time and wants to do all the extra activities that are offered - morning announcements, yearbook, safety patrol, chorus, 4H... whatever they mention, she wants to do it.

 I liked this silly pose better. Bennett's yawn is real. Maggie was facing the camera.  You can see Lydia's face. Ruth is just always silly. :)

After school I met the bus to find very tired (and hot) girls. They really did have a great 1st day. Let's keep it up!

I couldn't get this one to rotate right - so just turn the book. Cute faces!!

waiting on Bennett's bus... it comes about 20-30 minutes after the girls'. Most days, he will not ride the bus. It is fully of nasty high schoolers. But, for the 1st day - it is much easier to not deal with the traffic and just let our drivers bring him home. 

We didn't want to embarrass him in front of the whole bus, but Ruth wanted to take some pictures of him getting off the bus.  It was not a good 1st ride - but it will get better. The girls who are mean the first day soon turn their words to say nice things about him.

all grown up... well, half way.
We are thankful for good teachers and a good school system we can trust with our 4 children.  As much as I would rather keep them home and teach them in the safety of our house, I know it's not going to happen.  I will be content with what we have and the good Christian people (teachers and friends) who are placed in their paths each day.  I am thankful.

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