Tuesday, November 01, 2011

October 2011

Some pictures from October... school awards from White County Intermediate School - with Maggie and Bennett.

4th Grade A-Team - Maggie is back row

5th Grade A-Team - Bennett 3rd row

Star students! Both made A-team all year
Back in August (the night before the 1st day of school) our precious chocolate lab, Bucky, died. You know, if the lion will lay down with the lamb, why can't our animals be in heaven? Discuss!  :) So... one day at work a fellow co-worker was trying to get rid of a puppy that had shown up on her daughter's doorstep. I asked permission and got a yes.  On my way home from work I stopped and got this sweetest little puppy. He rode next to me and was excited to see his new home.  The kids were beside themselves for the new dog's arrival.
Our new addition - baby Russell

One Sunday afternoon we took a hike to see Brasstown Bald... with the Jennings.  It was a beautiful day and we had to shed layers as we got moving. We saw a helicopter take off with a dude who had a fight with the pavement and his motorcycle. We also saw the Heffners... Will and Shelley! Of all places.

Bennett, Meg, Ruth, Maggie, Lydia, Alex Anne
We went intending to take some pictures for Christmas cards. Aren't they cute?!?! 

Jenny & Anne - and a beautiful view

Lydia and Mommy

Keith and Anne Jennings

Bennett wanted to try out the camera on our way back down

Silly girls

The tower from whence we came... behind us.

And then there was Halloween at Concord... which is affectionately called Fall Festival.
Maggie and Carsen Baumgardner

Fireworks to end the night

The Happy crew at the end of the night... Himstedts and Davidsons!

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