Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was simple and quiet this year. We didn't do any big family gatherings, but stayed close to home and enjoyed each other. No big fun stories. No huge gifts. We enjoyed each other. In fact, this was the first year in forever that we've had a White Christmas in Georgia. We played. The kids opened their gifts, enjoyed each other and we played.

Ruth at Gwinnett Arena waiting for the service to begin.

Bennett and Maggie with our friend Lenee
Christmas Eve we were able to join our "old" friends of Grace Fellowship at their service at the Gwinnett Arena. My good friend Lenee also joined us for the service. It was so good to see all the friends we spent so much time with before the mountains claimed us. Will and Shelley Heffner. Doug and Tiffanie Britt. Don and Ruth Koop. {Becka Mullinex was actually the first reason we went this year... her invitations to join Grace's service, the videos from last year... and less than a month later she was pulled from this life and into the arms of our Father. We miss your smile.}
Lenee taking a picture of Ruth taking a picture.

After the service we were able to join Philip and Marjorie Kesler for her famous Christmas Eve lasagna and homemade bread - and the fireworks and sparklers. The funny part was watching Curtis and James Dollar throw loud popping firecrackers at Bryce $$ and the Rowland boys. It was COLD but that did not deter the kids from staying outside to play. We stayed out long enough to get a few pictures and manage the fire... then Marjorie sent us home with Christmas morning cinnamon rolls. What a delight! Yum!

Garrett Rowland, showing us how to properly use the sparklers.



Maggie and Ruth with our SnowWoman
Bennett and his trusty pocket knife

Christmas morning with the kiddos...
as we wrapped and placed and prepared the night before my head thought this just wasn't special. The gifts were small. The piles were non-existent. We had done very little to make this year special. The kids were going to be so disappointed. My heart knew they had everything they needed, but my head wanted more.

These kids were such a blessing to me the next day. They each had one thing that was perfect in their eyes. They thanked us for what they got and never, ever complained or asked for more. Boy, was I put in my place! I was the ungrateful one... and it wasn't even about me.
Lydia's press on Princess nails

Maggie's pillow pet and toothbrush.
Maggie actually asked for an "electrical toothbrush".  What kind of kid asks for a toothbrush??  :)
Ruth's Legos and fancy chocolates

Bennett is always good about helping his little sisters

Lydia's prized Pillow Pet... it's all she needed

Merry Christmas!

Christmas day we played in the snow. We sledded down our neighbor's hill. The boys built a ramp. We played. We took pictures. We had hot chocolate and played some more. It was such a nice day not to have to go anywhere or fix any special food. We just played.

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