Sunday, October 05, 2008

Children Sing Again

The church's preschool choir sang yesterday. This included Ruth and Lydia.
I'm not sure if it was their first performance... I think it is. I just can't remember anymore. I have too many stars in the house. I think I may have to read my own blog archives to see if Lydia has ever been on stage before. I certainly hope someone took a picture. That is Lydia in the yellow. Ruth is just behind her between the boys.
Curtis was OOT on a jeep weekend with his boy friends... so he missed the entire episode... actually, both of them. They sang twice. Once at 8:30 and again at 11:00.
I'm not sure what the Sunday school teachers fed these kids but the 11:00 singing was much more moving around and much less actual singing. The parents invaded the front rows at church. Grandparents crowded in around the stage as well. Our music pastor made the kids move to the risers at the back of the stage. Good for height to the microphones. Not so good for viewing and taking pictures. It was way far away and dark. Plus there were lots of things in the way... like mic stands, music stands, plants and decor. Plus, watching a group of 3 year olds squat down while staying on their risers was interesing as well as entertaining. They only sang 3 short songs. Here are the 11:00 versions. I'm not sure why the color and quality is so poor except for the lighting and distance. Enjoy...

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