Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bennett and Brendan Sing

It's a youtube video so if your work doesn't allow that you'll have to watch from home... (mom). ;)

Bennett and his friend Brendan sang a duet in music class for their "talent" today. I haven't even watched the video yet to see how it turned out. I guess that would be a good idea! But, I wanted to get this loaded so his mom could see how the boys did. She works nights and wasn't able to go. Their music teacher was very nice and made a big deal out of having a visitor in the class. They sang two songs from their church musical that's May 4th if you're interested in seeing the whole thing. :) ha!

And yes, I know I haven't finished my Spring Break post yet. I'm working on it...

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Rose Family Editor said...

You rock, Bennett!! Did you win your last soccer game? How do you like soccer anyway?

Eager to see you in June!
Aunt Lara

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