Sunday, December 31, 2006

Maggie's 5th Princess Birthday Party

Here are the pictures from Maggie's birthday party at the Family Fun Center celebrating with our family and friends! What a fun day... Oh to be a Princess!

The line up of Princesses... Amelia, Anna Grace, Maggie, Carsen, Ruth, Esther, Sydney.

They tried to play a game of putt-putt but only lasted a hole or two.

We did save the balls and putters and the boys took them during gift time and finished playing the game. They mostly just ran around and wasted tokens but had a great time doing it.
Grammy helped Lydia stay out of trouble... at least long enough to eat some pizza!

Uncle Seth figured the boys needed their own private pizza table... away from the girls! He rescued them from the jewelry and pink ooze. A couple of the taller, older boys also got to drive the go-carts while the girls were doing the high heeled prance.

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