Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Playgroup goes to the Pumpkin Farm

My brain only works 99% after all these years and 4 kids! That's my excuse at least. Our playgroup went to the pumpkin farm on October 10th... a date we weren't supposed to be farming, but I set it up anyway. So, we were missing some of our "usual" group. Tanner and Trevor Knott missed out while their folks were traveling up the coast. Elliott and AJ were busy with Grandfolks in Ohio... are there pumpkins in Ohio?? Just some crazy college football! But we were able to go with others who don't get to join in. The Himstedt's (including Avery), the Baumgardner girls, the Bowen's, The Turney's, and the Jenning's girls. Lots of girls!

It was a cold, cold day that turned out to be quite sunny and warm... warmer than we wanted. So, by the time we left several layers had been shed and even the twins looked naked!

We got to take a long hay ride around the grounds. We saw all kinds of things they have at the Southern Tree Plantation including an Indian teepee, a black bear, a moonshine man, and a pond full of rainbow trout. Oh yes, they also have fields of Christmas trees and fields of pumpkins!

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