Monday, August 07, 2006

Bennett Goes to School

I feel like I'm writing about Curious George... and I'm the man in the big yellow hat! I don't know what that means but this title reminded me of a CG book.
We're off to a good start at Jack P. Nix Elementary. Bennett's teacher is Mrs. Emily Chamberlain a second year, newlywed teacher born and reared in White County. Her whole family teaches. We didn't ask for her but we prayed for her before we knew her name. It's a good thing God is in control instead of us!
I was able to take the day off work and drive him to school, walk him in and take photos of the big event. He said he was glad I didn't have to work. (Gives me more reason to get out of work!!) The big girls got up with us and we had breakfast together... he picked his menu of biscuit, bacon and a smash-up egg. Good thing he's happy with cereal too for the days his daddy does the fixin'!
He was a bit apprehensive settling into his classroom. Mrs. Chamberlain and Mrs. Heather were both busy putting away supplies and meeting the kids who didn't come to the open house (hour) on Friday. We waited for a while before getting his ice-breaking coloring page. Hannah sits to his right and Demetrius to his left. Hannah finally told us in her deep southern drawl about the little pink bag she has for her ice cream money. She's very cute. He sits right next to the loft at the back of the room. We told him he has the best seat because he can see everyone. Of course, he can easily see out the door too so that may be a distraction later if he gets bored.
After school I tried to get some info out of him but he's very similar to his father... like pulling TEETH! I had a spy on the inside who told me about him lunch and who he sat with. Mrs. Heather said "He's very independant". I'm not sure how to take that! ;) But she said she tried to help him open his lunch items and he told her he could do it. He said his gym teacher gave them special spots and his is #4 by the door. Then she tried to confuse them but he remembered where his spot was. He informed me they didn't do much today and did not learn anything at all. They colored two pictures and read a book. Surely there was more to his day! He did have long phone conversations with Grandma and Donna & Dawn but I wasn't privy to those.
Tomorrow will be better. Everyone should remember where to go and they get to go to music. He said he's excited about music.

While he was gone the girls spent the day together playing, swinging, and running aimlessly about the house. I took some token pictures 'cause they're so cute!

Ruthie's "cheese" face.

Maggie's learning how to hang on the rings... but it hurts her arms too much to wait for me to get the camera ready and still smile.

And that's all I can think of for our first day of school. I'm sure more stories will surface and I'll have to add them later.

We have our very first Bennett-less playgroup in the morning. We've been going since he was born and it just won't be the same with just the girls... but they'll enjoy it nonetheless.

Good night!

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Rose Family Editor said...

Zoom, the years do fly by. Thanks for all the photos of your beautiful little ones! XOXOXOXOXO from me!

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