Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lara and the kids visit

Lara came to visit!! Woo Hoo! She and the kids stayed 3 weeks while Grandma recovered from various ailments. The kids meshed well and the house seemed to flow well with all 9 of them eating around one table. It was such fun and we made lots of memories... in fact, we're taking two of them again while Lara goes across the big pond to meet Dan in Amsterdam for a vacation on company time! :)
Here are some pictures of our playtime!
Emily is trying to do her school work on the front porch swing. She LOVES to have her pictures taken... don't take the sour look as anything else!

Titus is getting ready to slide. He is constantly on the go... the typical 2 year old BOY! He "drives" whatever is in his hand his "motor" is always running!

Bennett, Jared & Ruth playing in the sandbox after a heavy rain. They were filthy on several different days... but had a great time doing it!

Here Briella and Ruth are swinging together. Funny thing is I don't have a picture of Marci & Maggie. I don't know what they were doing this day but they weren't getting dirty! Marci and Emily were big helpers with Lydia too. They had competitions over who would get to feed her the bottle. Lydia loved the attention and is reminding me of it this week... the "hold me" cries ringing through the house.

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